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Posted Jun 15 2009 4:41pm
Why does everything have to be so frustrating? It seems that everything I try to do is a chore. I have another ingrown toe nail on my weak foot so I couldn't even take a shower this morning which is embarrassing because I have physical therapy this afternoon, but I couldn't even walk to the bathroom in my bare feet!

I am about to go to get a hearing test so I called the ENT doc that ordered it to scheduled a follow up appt and I was told the doc is going on vacation for 3 weeks! I had to schedule an appt with the physicians assistant, it just would have been nice if they would have told me this when I saw him a few weeks ago, I would have scheduled my tests sooner! So frustrating! Well, there is much more, but I haave to go get the hearing test, just wanted to vent a little before I go out and drive!
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