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From the extra camera

Posted Jan 09 2010 6:05pm
Before Matt started with DTS, we bought him a little Canon Powershot. The quality isn't great, but it works for when I need to snap a quick picture and am uber annoyed with my computer... the PowerShot doesn't take 3 years to download a full card.... *eye roll*

Just thought you'd like to know that Miss Naomi thinks she can climb the stairs.

Well, she's right, but that's not the point. I think this was one of the times she managed to get up the stairs before I found her. I normally catch her about halfway up. *Eek!*

But like a friend of mine always said, better that they can climb them safely, than not climb them at all and then fall when they do try.

She hasn't mastered "down" yet, and honestly, I'm in no hurry for that.

I just have to remember to put up the babygate first thing in the morning. It's not a "gate" type gate, where there's a door. It's your old-school snap and leave gate. But at the bottom of the stairs, you have to climb over it every time. Oceana can't climb over it, and I dont' want to forget its there at 6am. So it comes down every night. Inevitably, I forget it's not up until she's escaped up the stairs...

Little stinker...

Hehe, not great quality. But it's still cute...

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