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From Age to AGE- Green is the New IT

Posted Nov 02 2008 5:11am

Look at what the Information Age hath wrought! Because of the Internet we now make friends, meet lovers, and do business with people all over the world. Because of the Internet we have the capability to sell our wares, write millions of articles, articulate our ideas via blogs and visit lands we never thought we would see directly from our computer desks.

But, what comes next? Thomas Friedman, in his book "Hot, Flat, and Crowded" believes it will be an Energy-Climate Age- or that it had better be. In this new age we will find renewable sources of energy and utilize them. We will launch unheard of initiatives to educate citizens of the world on ways to not only save energy, but to save our ecosystems, forests, and animals. We will lift places with 'energy poverty' into the 21st century- and the word 'green' will no longer exist.

Friedman's vision is an America that leads the way in these efforts. He states that this is how America will retain their superpower status.

I can't help but agree.
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