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Fresh Garden Tomatoes - Season Coming to an End!

Posted Sep 12 2010 7:57am

If I am ever asked to make a list of some of the favorite things in life, I would never hesitate to state that fresh garden tomatoes are one of my all time favorites.

When they are in season like they have been for the past month or so in Indiana, nothing tastes more wonderful!

And, the prices can't be beat.  Recently, I read a definition of a farmer's market.  The writer stated that a farmers market only would sell local produce- that was their definition. Although this might be true in theory, it really isn't in practice.  In early May of this year, I went to a local farmer's market and noticed that there were some red tomatoes on sale.  Knowing that they were not yet in season in this area, I asked the vendor point blank where they had been shipped from.  She said ( with no shame, might I add) that they had been flown in from Mexico.

Mexico to Indiana- wow that is quite a ride from farm to fork.  Who knows how many hands and pesticides had been slathered on those so-called supposed local tomatoes before they arrived in this area.

As for me, I consider it a form of cheap health insurance to always ask where our veggies come from, farmer's market or not!
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