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First Day of Treatment is Scheduled

Posted Oct 24 2009 10:01pm
I got the mask made and they did the ct on the same day and I don't have to go back until my first day of treatment which is different from the video they showed me, but my first day of treatment isn't scheduled until Nov 6, which is a Fri. I found that odd that they would schedule my first day of treatment on a friday, but that's up to them, plus part of my treatment will also be interrupted by Thanksgiving so I guess it doesn't matter about the Monday thru Friday schedule. Plus I found out that I cannot shave my head until the treatment is over or they will have to redo the treatment mask and ct and treatment plan, so I hope my hair doesn't start falling out until the treatment is almost over! When I had the gamma knife it fell out a month later. With five weeks of treatment, that leaves me with one week of weird looking hair! Assuming it happens that way, I have no idea really, I am just guessing.

My headaches have been getting worse. Two nights this week it took two vicodin to kill the headache and let me sleep, but last night I didn't need any, I was ok, whew, though I did take two advil and two tylenol because of my period cramps! I woke up with a headache again this morning and the tylenol and advil are not working. But because I just took them not too long ago, I can't take the vicodin yet. I left word with my neuro doc, yet agaain he was not in, so I could tell him about my situation and my headaches. I wonder if they are migraines because sometimes I feel nauseous when I get them, but I get them almost every day now so I don't know and I haven't had any auras though I used to get migraine auras without the headache. Hopefully he calls me back on Monday.

I called the place that I will be getting my leg brace from to find out if they had heard from my insurance company yet and they said no but they will call on Monday to check in, plus the brace was not ready yet. I really need that brace, I need to do laundry and I tried to just walk down the stairs without using my left arm and I couldn't so I would drop the laundry all over the place! I need my arm to steady me because my leg isn't steady! I really want that brace!
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