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First Acceptance of the Challenge

Posted Mar 11 2009 3:38pm


Things I thought you might want to know, and even if you don’t, here they are…

I don’t pass up a challenge, so here goes Judy Patooty… sherri’s list

I ‘go’ because: life is short and there are always flowers to plant, books to write and a smile to give away.

I ‘love’ because: God loves me. I figure I owe Him big time.

I ‘laugh’ because: it is healthy and it feels good and Clara just makes the funniest faces.

I ’smile’ because: of the joy I have from knowing my father is King.

I ’sing’ because:it annoys everyone around me and it is healthy (not to annoy others – to sing).

I ‘write’ because: I can’t stop.

Three things I ‘pray’ for: that my children would come to know that God is faithful to a T and will never forsake them, even in their darkest hour (that’s when it gets good); that Clara (and any other grandchildren I will have) will be protected always and learn how much her heavenly Father loves her and that when I face my Father, He will say “Well done”.

If I could have my dream job: I’d teach kids on a farm and write a book about our adventures.

I ‘wanna be like’ this one person in my world: I don’t think I ‘wanna be like’ just one person, but some of each, as they’re all my heroes: my mom, Ken’s mom, Laura, Vivian, Gale, my grandmother, my pastor, Miss Neva, Marilyn, and my dog (the mutt was just so unconditionally forgiving).

I ‘want to be remembered for’: being like Jesus and bringing hope to those who feel hopeless – or at least a smile.

Why I do the goofy things I do: because I like to make people laugh. We are made in God’s image, so I guess I like to think that every once in a while, God gets goofy, too! Besides, it’s better than being down. PD does that to you enough, you know.

One thing I’m glad I’ve learned: God has a sense of humor as well as a soft shoulder.

What I hope my child(ren) learn(s) from me: unconditional love, laughter, forgiveness, patience, kindness, a peaceful spirit, the importance of a promise, honesty, confidence, responsibility, and how to be crazy. I HOPE that is what they learn from me. I HOPE that is what they see.

Now it’s someone else’s turn to accept this challenge that Judy put forth… Who’s next??? We’ll post it here. Email : (Cut and paste above and write your answers over existing ones then cut and paste into email.)

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