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Posted Feb 13 2013 12:00am

Well, the first person I emailed yesterday – who had been incredibly badly behaved, after they came into my house and helped themself to my hospitality – has continued their bad behavior and pitched a holy fit over my email. They really didn’t take it well. But based on how they conducted themself on Sunday night, I can’t say I’m surprised.

I just don’t appreciate being told I’m “attacking” them, when I’m just pointing out the things they did and saying I’m not okay with it. The minute I draw a line they can’t cross, all hell breaks loose.

This is a person who seems to always get by with their charm and words. Like so many people I know, they seem to think that they can do whatever they like, say whatever they please, and then talk their way out of things. Or that if they get called on things, it’s an “attack”.


Maybe I wasn’t very diplomatic. Maybe I was a little harsh. I don’t know. That wasn’t my intention, and I’m surprised they took it that way, frankly. I’ve been through this before, with other “friends” who did the same crap, and when I called them on their bad behavior, they ran to others crying about being attacked, they actually received a talking-to about the stuff they were trying to pull, and the reason(s) they got called out, and they realized the error of their ways (thank you very much). They got schooled in a big way by people who weren’t even in the room when it happened, but could tell what was going on.

If only people would listen to me, to begin with… Sigh.

Anyway, it’s all drama, and I need to just get on with my life today. I’m sorry people take things so hard, and I’m sorry they think they can get away with any old BS they pull, and I’m sorry they have had so much success in talking their way out of things they get themselves into. Life is about consequence. And it’s not always fair. My life, these days, is all about consequence. And fairness, too. But truth can hurt.

Oh well…

The thing that really sets me off about this, is that these are people who act like they get a free pass to say and do whatever they like, because they are “sensitive” – which leaves everyone around them vulnerable to their antics. They can say and do whatever they like, but when someone comes back to them with a “No”, they get all hurt and hissy over it. And everyone else is the bad guy for calling them on it.

The other thing that really sets me off, is that so many of these folks I have these encounters with, are just skating through life. They don’t have actual responsibilities, they don’t live like adults, they don’t work their asses off to support themselves, they have no one depending on them, and they not only sponge off others to get by, but then turn around and carry on like spoiled children when things don’t turn out exactly like they want. They treat life like it’s one big personal-injury award, like every little thing they can get out of the system is their “right” as compensation for their pain – pain which they are causing themselves… and bring to others around them.

Meanwhile, I am working my ass off to keep my house, keep my bills paid, keep employed, and keep all the demands met. Everything costs money, and in winter it costs even more. I’ve got car repairs, monthly payments, house repairs, and bills, bills, more bills coming out my ears. And I’m supposed to come up with x-number of dollars to pay for my business trip up front before I can get reimbursed for it.

It’s the price of membership, I know and I willingly pay it. It’s when other folks who can’t be bothered, come around and start pulling on me and are just plain rude and obnoxious, that I start to fray around the edges.

Oh, well… it happens. I’m sure everyone will be fine.

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