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Fabric Softeners

Posted Feb 21 2009 11:39pm
Ah Em, I remember reading the 'white nights' blogs. Yep, it is white night city here. I always like to fall asleep with something in the background - thank goodness for snooze settings! It doesn't seem to stop the mind wondering at the moment. I will go back and read those entries in your blog for some hints and techniques.

Becky - fabric softners - I like it! I have completely adopted the washing machine analogy. I hope the originator won't mind - I am open where it came from at least! So, what are my fabric softeners? Novels, chocolate, nice baths are all the obvious ones. This is not the time in my life to deny myself little treats and luxuries, although this is the days of the credit crunch and I, like everyone else, have to keep to a budget. Thank God for charity shops. I picked up a lovely 'pick me up' top from the one down the road. Being Chelsea it is full of designer labels and clothes I would never even see in shops, let alone buy! Knitting is a big softener, especially with nice, luxerious wool. I have packed some chunky wooden needles, free with a magazine, a pattern for a shawl/scarf from the same mag and some multi coloured wool from the John Lewis sale into my transplant bag. Of course, I am lucy enough to have my faith and prayer is the biggest softener of them all.

Bookshops are a big fabric softner for me. I love them. Just being in them, the smell and the calmness. Unfortunately, it is not good for me to spend too much time in them as buying books seems to be the most easily justifyable way to spend money you don't have. Lately, I have been scouring book shops for books that will help me through the next few months and our transplant journey. Of course, there are not too many 'coping with your child's transplant' books out there! However, I think I have found the book I need. I was drawn to a hardback book in a vintage Ladybird style called 'The Book of Idle Pleasures' by Dan Kieran and Tom Hodgkinson. It is filled with 100 ideas of passing time with free and relaxing activities. Each double page is dedicated to one and has a whimsical little description and picture plate I am going to do one each day, some of them with the children and/or Paul and some alone. Today it was "reading Edward Lear out loud to children' I bought the Lear book at the same time as I found the page while flicking through in the shop. We did have some fun. William laughed and laughed at the alphabet rhymes. This will be something to repeat. I think Lear will have to come with us when we get that call. Speaking of which, we are on the list in an hour and a half from the time of writing this - so we are probably fully up and waiting when you come to read (apart, of course, from the few hours tomorrow afternoon when William will have to be deactivated almost as soon as activated as he will be in theatre getting his new hickman line).
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