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Everything feels strange today

Posted Mar 07 2013 4:36pm

a strange feeling | Sean Edward

This has been a really weird day. I worked from home, because there was bad weather called for, and I couldn’t see either spending hours on the road or — worse — getting stuck somewhere. With my luck, I would have gotten stuck at work ;)

So, I worked. And I actually got a lot done. Not everything I was hoping to, but oh well. Some things took longer. Easily 2-3 hours longer.

Working from home is a mixed blessing. I get a lot done, but I also don’t move much. And I get sucked into my work and all “tranced out”, and then I can get snappy and rude and short-tempered when I’m interrupted. Like I’m going through withdrawal. Not nice. It happens at work with me, but even moreso at home. I get into this zone, and heaven help you, if you interrupt me.

I’ve also been feeling weirdly “off” — a little off balance, not very coordinated. Still tired from my business trip, and not really able to take the edge off and really relax. I’ve been pretty absent-minded lately, leaving notes out that people should not see, and spacing out over little things that I am normally pretty good at — like the order in which I cook food. The other night, I got so turned around, we ended up eating the steak I cooked with some quickly sauteed carrots and onions and mushrooms, while the vegetables I was roasting to go along with it ended up as a 2nd course. I didn’t even realize, till the steaks were done, that I had put the vegetables in too late.

It wasn’t terrible, but it was disorienting and troubling, and it put me on edge. Ah, well… it is brain injury awareness month, after all. And there’s nothing like some serious fatigue and malaise to raise that awareness with me.

So, anyway, I really need to watch myself when I get sucked into the work-at-home vortex. I can get pretty tweaked. And then my reactions to others are not that helpful. Fortunately, I’m aware of this, and I have had some instances in the past few hours where I just backed off and didn’t send the email that was flying out of my fingertips. In some cases, I referred people to others. That works. As long as the others respond, of course.

The other thing I’m keenly aware of is that I need a nap. I’ve been glued to my computer for the past 10 hours, and I need a break.

So, it’s off to have a little nap, and then get on with my evening, to see if I can relax and become relatively human again. I’ve been reading some really interesting papers in my spare time, and it’s got me thinking. Good stuff.

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