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everyone home adizero crazy light 2.0 for sale flowers from the same

Posted Oct 16 2012 7:09am
The next day, Yao came to the campus, and sure enough, the class of 53 individuals, all in attendance, Yao Some believe that bloom when at the same time.The teacher, a new teacher, she was wearing a white dress, which was very noble.The teacher said: "Hello, everybody, my name is Li Ying Man, everyone called me Li last year, your teacher say to you 'flowers, new start.' I did not expect everyone home adizero crazy light 2.0 for sale flowers from the same time opened. "This is the first day of school, a new beginning, a potpourri of new beginning, maybe spend not incense has been down, but the life of the school will continue indefinitely, until when? Yao has not calculated, just as the vast expanse of the sea, who failed to calculate her how much seawater. I am very interested in foreign stars, would like as an astronaut, like Yang Liwei uncle, the freedom to fly in space, the completion of the most Jian difficult task, winning adizero rose 773 for sale glory for the country. I kept thinking, fell asleep, driving the spacecraft to fly in space, I saw the green land all surrounded by ocean on Earth.Because there is no gravity in space, so doing are not convenient. Such as eating food floating in the air, I must be in the air, like water swimming, because only swim in order to let the body forward.Communicator suddenly rang, I took the communication is to hear the people in the land of my command, said: "You want to be a good astronaut? Would like driving a spaceship to fly to the moon, look." I was so excited that I cried, and said: "I will work hard to accomplish this task, a good astronaut."
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