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Eva Janette and a few other thoughts

Posted Aug 24 2008 11:28pm
Baby Eva - precious daughter of Chrissy and Vinnie from my sidebar - arrived is still with her parents. Chrissy and Vinnie are a bit disappointed that her medical situation is more severe than they thought it was. She's no longer a candidate for heart surgery, as like Joshua, she most likely would not survive the surgery. Pray for that as they wade through the next days, weeks, months - it's so hard to get worse news when you're already IN bad news. Eva's such a cutie - with SCADS more hair than Joshua and Oceana combined.

Matt and I went to the tattoo shop this morning. Matt made an appointment the day Joshua's cele ruptured (just a few hours before) to have a tattoo done this morning. It's very special to us - inspired by Joshua, with his initials incorporated in it. It was a very special morning. I sat and watched - as well as finished chronicling Joshua story "The End". It's the story from the morning before his cele ruptured to when we let him go to the funeral home. I wanted to have all the details, because I knew that with time my memory would fade and the details wouldn't be there anymore. Probably it will end up in the 'Joshua book'. When I say "I'm gonna write a book" I'm not kidding. And I'm not flapping my gums either. I really feel it's important to write about Joshua - about his story.

I'm hoping to write it all while its fresh in my mind. I don't know if it will be done any time soon - but that's the plan.

Also in the "I'm gonna do" pile is to cut the funeral video down into some smaller increments that I feel are important and very special for you all in blogland to enjoy. I don't have it here at the house just yet, but hopefully by the weekend. There was more than one mention of the blog at his service - which I found funny in a way. To me it was just something I did - but it became so much more than that in Joshua's life. Thank you all for loving my little boy.
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