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EPILOGUE- How You Can Help Your Loved One

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:40pm


Blessed are you who....

-understand that it is difficult for me to put thought into words.

-understand that I can not speak when someone else is talking, because I have to have auditory-feedback.

-Take time to listen when I speak, in spite of my speech problem.

-Never ''hurry'' me for often I need time more than help.

-encourage me and praise me for continuing to try.

-Ask me for any help, for my greatest need is to feel needed.

-respect me and love me as I am, and not as you, and I, wish I were.

-Make it known to me that in spite of my faltering speech, and my inability to use my right-hand fingers, and my having an occasional seizure, that I am still loved.... and still respected.

It all boils down to being a matter of how well I can adjust to and compensate for these handicaps.

Looking back now........ I have cried many tears, have had many low times, and my family and I have had to overcome some very hard situations. But through it all we knew our Lord was with us, watching over us, carrying us at times, supplying strength and courage, giving us hope in the midst of despair, loving us through it all, else we could not have gone on.

Every day was a struggle for me, emotionally as well as physically. For the first two years I was not living........ just existing. Then, as I became more comfortable with my speech and in using my left hand, life began to be a little more palatable.

After a few more years I no longer had to fight the emotion of boredom for I was having plenty to do. I had by now made a full life for myself. With God's help and very good therapists, I was able to live an almost normal life.

I can now speak, not perfectly, but I can speak. I can use my whole arm, except for my fingers, but I can use my arm. I can dress myself, except for tying some bows changing earrings, or hooking my pearls, but I can do everything else. I cut my own hair, and wash and dry it. I type on my word processor, and can write my story. I can ring handbells, with both hands now. I can swim, write with my left hand, drive a car, sing in two choirs, be Reunion Treasurer for the Class of 1945, be a volunteer at the hospital Gift shop and Vice President of our church circle. And best of all, Jack and I do our own house and yard work.

Yes, I do have a slight concern about having a third brain tumor, and, as a matter of fact, a slight concern about having cancer ever since Eleanor called my attention to an ugly-looking mole on the back of my arm which turned out to be a malignant melanoma.

Even if it means more adversity, I know now what I had to learn

for myself, that I want to trust God's plan for my life, whatever it may be. I am convinced He uses times of adversity and tribulation to draw us nearer to Him, so that we might grow in Him and become more conformed to His image.

I know He knows how to handle the grief in each of our lives better than we do.... if we will but take it to Him, leave it with Him and know that that's exactly what He wants us to do.

“My Father says, “Leave that to me, and keep a quiet mind.”

Then when we’ve have done the best we can, relax in Him,

Let Go and Let God so He can do what He needs do without our interference.

I am assured that God's will is always best for me, His child, because of His great love for us, as our Father. I don't know about you, but I feel that we are here on this earth such a short time, that while I'm here I want to love Him back, to obey Him, to know Him better, to please Him, trust Him, and to leave the outcome...... my outcome...... to...... GOD alone.

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