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Posted Jun 04 2009 10:31pm
Today I went to see an ENT doc. He remembers me from back in 2007 when I saw him about my staph infection, although at the time we didn't know about the infection, but I saw him because my head and neck were completely swollen. i looked like a freak. This was on a Monday and I was in surgery that Thursday getting the staph infection scraped out of my scalp! Anyway, he checked my ear and said it looked pretty normal so he wants to run some tests. He wants to do an audio test to check my hearing and he wants me to get a CT scan on my ear to see if the eustachian tube is inflammed or whatever. Anyway, at least finally after two years of complaining about it someone is doing something about it. Its still gonna take awhile though.

I had an EEG on Monday and I have not heard from the doc so I called his office today and the receptionist said that the report was not in my file but that the doc probably has seen it and the fact that he hasn't called is probably a good thing because if there was a problem he would have contacted me. She said she would give him a message to contact me to give me the results. I am just wondering if there was any activity during the strobe light part of the test because that part really bothered me and although I didn't physically have a seizure it doesn't mean the brain didn't register some activity. During that part of the test the tech told me to stop blinking so much, to just relax, but it was hard. Even though my eyes were closed I wanted them closed more, plus it was making one of my eyes water! Weird. So that was that.

Acupuncture went really well today, which is nice considering that after last week's session I had a seizure! I told her that, she didn't have any real response, I told her it was an hour later so not sure if it was because of the treatment or not. I did tell her I wanted to focus on weight loss from now on so thats what she did, she still treated the leg, but face up this time and with no electro stimulation. And she did a really great massage to my leg afterwards.

I am still trying to deal with the weakness in my leg and foot. I went for a walk yesterday and during it I lost feeling in my foot, well actually it was like my foot turned to stone. I loosened my shoe and the feeling started to come back, whew! But man my ankle really hurt. I just can't seem to win. When I got home I was a bit sore. My ankle was killing me. If its not my ankle its my knee. I am trying though, I have been active three days this week. Tomorrow I will ride my stationary bike. I need to get my endurance up again. A month ago I was able to work a 12 hour day and I was fine, the way I feel now if I had to do it again I would be in big trouble! Next week I start PT so that will help too, I kinda feel like I have to relearn how to walk, again! its ridiculous! I think I'm thinking about it too much, I'm trying too hard not to hurt my knee that its making it hard to walk normally but when I don't think about it I tend to do ok, until my knee locks up and then I realize that I need to be paying attention. I don't want to hurt myself more than I already am. I really should have someone monitoring the progress of my leg and telling me what I should and shouldn't be doing for it. I wonder who I should talk to about it? Last year I saw an orthopedist and he just gave me an AFO and sent me on my way. I'd like to think that I may walk normally again someday so I'd like to work on it, maybe I will ask the PT guy, I'm supposed to be going for my knee but my knee is because of my tumor too so it should be fine and if I can get my GP doc to write a letter of medical necessity for more PT maybe he will do it seeing that my neuro surgeon didn't. I would think since its been this long the necessity for it should seem obvious! I would really like my leg back!!!!
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