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Energy Tip #3 Find those Energy Hogs In Your House or Apartment!

Posted Feb 09 2011 10:41am
Understanding your current and past energy use is how many families identify opportunities to improve energy performance and gain financial benefits. Assessing performance is the process of evaluating energy use for all major household functions and establishing a baseline for measuring future results of home energy efficiency efforts. You should prioritize poor performing facilities and equipment, such as tumble dryers, for immediate improvement. 

I think one of the least mentioned energy hogs in a house is the drafts coming in through windows and doors.  Caulking, placing a heavy rug around the edges of the door, or duct taping a window can reduce this problem. 
Using products like the Electricity Monitor mentioned in tip #1 would be a big help in your assessment.

All of this might sound like a lot of work, but it takes a lot of work to pay those big bills too and when we have to start doing without food and medicine because we can’t pay our heating bills or we can’t get to the doctor because we don’t have enough gas in our cars to get there- well- I know you follow this logic.  

If you need  more help with this type of assessment read all about it at  Easy Energy Savings

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