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Energy Savings Tip #6 Get To Know About Programmable Room Thermostats

Posted Feb 13 2011 8:14am
A room thermostat constantly measures the air temperature of a space and can be set to whatever temperature suits you best. They are usually in halls, stairs or landing areas to sense the average temperature of a home's main living spaces. When the temperature falls below the setting, the thermostat switches on the central heating; once the room reaches the set temperature, the thermostat switches the heating off. Please note that the heating needs to be switched on for the thermostat to work. 
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A programmable room thermostat lets you choose the times you want your home to be heated and the temperature you want it to reach whilst it is on. In other words, it allows you to heat rooms or the whole house to different temperatures in your home at appropriate times of the day and week. And again, by heating your home and hot water only as and when necessary, you will save energy and money. Similarly to the heating programmer these may be digitally or manually controlled.
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