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Eleanor’s Wedding – Polly’s Letter

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:25pm

Eleanor was married Saturday night June 1, 1974 as planned after having to make the decision whether to go on with the wedding or not. I would have hated to interfere with her getting married and if I hadn’t made it through the surgery on Thursday she could have just made it into a combination wedding-funeral… while the church was all pretty.

Needless to say, the mother-of-the-bride didn’t make it to the wedding. Or get to wear her green mother-of-the-bride gown with shoes dyed to match. But Eleanor sent me her bouquet, and there were many pictures and letters describing everything…

June 3, 1974

Dearest Ashlyn,

How we rejoice with thanksgiving for your successful surgery. We’ve heard such good reports…

You all had a beautiful, happy wedding! It was the most meaningful and religious wedding I think I’ve ever attended. Eleanor was radiant and beautiful. She is a fantastic young lady and I know how proud you must be of her.

There was a real good crowd – we were pouring punch like mad there were so many people. We had added a punch table on the patio area between the wings – we used Charlotte F’s flambeaus and it looked lovely. The food was delicious… the cake was beautiful…

I’ve never seen a bride and groom “stick around” so long! They were thoroughly enjoying it all…

The church just looked perfect. The tall cathedral candles on the pews made it look regal.

The best looking man there was John! He is so good looking and did an excellent job of ushering smiling all the time.

Julie and Sally looked so pretty and had so much poise! I just can’t wait for you to see the pictures.

Martha S tried so hard to take movie film but…

I did fine during the ceremony until Jack came out loud and clear with his answer to Carl when giving Eleanor away with “her mother and I”.

You have some wonderful friends. How can one say enough about Gerry P and Nancy A? They have been terrific.

I understand you’ve been walking and progressing beautifully. Keep up the good work and hurry home.

Love you,


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