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Drop Dead Diva Rules!

Posted Jul 23 2009 10:24pm

It's funny how seeds for an idea start to sprout. I had begun watching Drop Dead Diva and loved it. It really gets to the heart of how it feels to be fat in a skinny world- and it also portrays pretty well, I think how people who are always skinny pay prices for that too.

Body size is really such a ridiculous issue in America.

For example, did you know that if you Google body shape -you will hit 40,200,000 times. And, I mean, good god, are we all so really self-absorbed that all we think about is our (and others) body shapes and sizes.

The answer???!!


Today, I stood next to a very heavy man at the YMCA. He was trying so hard and good for him. I have been trying very hard for four years. And, like him, I am still sweating like a horse and finding it all quite pointless.

Well, gotta go to the Y-talk later.
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