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Do NOT have epilepsy: but have seizures after brain surgery to remove tumor: WHY?

Posted by dar

After several seizures which lead up to a gran-mal which sent person to hospital where a brain tumor was discovered, tumor was removed from frontal lobe which was non-malignant. After 6 yrs. person had 6 seizures in 9 months, all during sleep but lasting 20 minutes each as timed by partner. 10 months passed and person just had another seizure in the night, strong enough to cause urinary in-continence, very sore eyes afterwards, bad headache that would not allow person to lift head or get up. (Also bites tounge badly during seizure!) What do you think is going on?
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I had brain surgey a year ago. 3 months after surgery i started having a strange seizure where i would hear a fast repeated bang and would feel really strange. When it was coming on i would feel strange when even speaking. Then that particular seizure morphed into grand mal. Soon after i got the banging it turned into banging and a stinging feeling in my cheek in time with the bangs then into grand mal shaking in time with the bangs. I am terrified as i dont know if this represents return of the tumor. I have only recently been told that 6 months after surgery they saw an area oh anhancement on my scan. They said it could be turmor returned or scaring. I gradually got worse and worse seizures after surgery of all different kinds.

i would like to help i'll have to ask my boyfriend he had brian surgery about 6 years ago and now he has seizures he had bacterial meningitis and they removed part of the frontal lobe and he is very comfortable with speaking about it umm..i will leave you my email so you can ask a few questions and i can just let him answer them for you...

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