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Posted Jan 25 2010 8:42pm
I have been getting that dizzy feeling again, like I'm on a boat. Felt it last night on the couch and then when I went to bed and then again this morning in the shower and again on the couch. Its very strange. And having another bad headache day. But on the bright side I saw my physical therapist and she was very impressed with the progress my leg is making! I expected her to yell at me for not doing my exercises but she was very understanding of my situation and was impressed with my progress so it was not an issue. Its not like I haven't been doing any exercises at all, I do some, I try to do at least one type of exercise every day. So it was a good session, even though I had a bad headache. She mostly just wanted to evaluate me anyway. We'll really get to work on Friday when I have my next appointment.

I got my unemployment check today and it said I'm eligible for another extension and it will be automatically filed for me, hopefully it won't take too long, need to be able to make rent for March, but Feb is covered. I should be getting a letter telling me that they want to do a phone interview, I just hope it isn't two months away like last time. I have been looking online for employment opportunities and have been doing surveys and reading emails for money and I am going to go back to my union and say I am ready for light duty work, I just don't know if there is any available. I am going to do what I can to make money. My subsidy on cobra is over so the price is going up so I need more money for that and I really need to get back to work in the union because I need insurance hours. Wish me luck!
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