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Disappointment in well…a lot of things!

Posted Mar 29 2010 10:48pm

Yes, I am disappointed.  I thought that by now we’d see the Neupro patch back on the market in the United States.  Schwarz-Pharma UCB and the FDA have not yet re-introduced this transdermal patch back onto the market.

When I visited my neurologist earlier this month, I felt it was a certainty that the patch would be available again.  However, it looks like one of these two powerful entities are dragging their feet…and no one knows why!  Do you think they will actually announce the approval of the Neupro patch in April during Parkinson’s Awareness Month?  I really doubt it now – I don’t even want to speculate on the release of the drug anymore.  I’m just very disappointed.

Secondly, I’m disappointed in the behavior of people I once respected.  I’ll leave it at that – you know who you are.  You know why I’m writing this, because you have broken a trust with me by spouting your inane remarks.  Now, if this shoe fits – wear it.  Perhaps your remarks were political, personal, insulting or just thoughtless.  But I am disappointed in your inability to filter your mouth and use tact, manners and most of all respect towards me.  But, I’ve been disappointed before and I’m sure this will not be the last time.

And finally, I’m disappointed in the American people who cannot disagree with one another on a host of topics without being nasty.  It’s almost enough to make me wish I had an Italian heritage!  They may scream, rant, shake their fists and yell.  But they never forget their history and the trials they faced against Hitler.  Americans forget our past and hold grudges….a very unhealthy habit.

Maybe we’ll have more cheerful news in the month of April… least we’ll have SPRING!

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