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Diablo 3 Why can not synchronize listed?

Posted May 01 2013 2:22am

Combined with the early years of "World of Warcraft" (grading U13) approval of experience, industry estimates Diablo 3 Gold mainland version of the waiting time will be quite long.So, many anxious players choice "over the wall, the game's official website for more network" means to log on in other countries. Relevant statistics that only after the sale on May 15, about 100 000 players went to the Taiwan server.


Diablo 3 Why can not synchronize listed?Game screen you can see, Diablo 3 "bloody show far beyond the ordinary online games. Early in 2009, Diablo 3 Items chief designer JayWilson, said in an interview with the relevant media in order to win the largest possible audience, Blizzard is considering implanted parental controls in the game, the user can adjust the game bloody screen.Previously, the power Blizzard's World of Warcraft "in the domestic operations as well as the" StarCraft 2 "in accordance with relevant state regulations, the screen has been a significant correction.


Therefore, the industry believes that the amendment of the red blood and skeleton skeleton appeared frequently on Diablo 3 Items is almost a foregone conclusion. NetEase World of Warcraft, the project leader also said in an interview, "Netease want to bring players to the cheap diablo 3 Gold
global version of the Chinese mainland players to experience the game content and other places, but the premise is to comply with relevant laws and regulations of regulatory authorities. "

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