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Depression, Headache, and Lack of Money...

Posted Nov 13 2008 5:03pm 1 Comment
Today I finally got ahold of unemployment trying to check on the status of my claim. It turns out that my extension that I filed a few weeks ago did not go thru and when the woman asked me for my confirmation number and I asked where I would find it she hung up on me I got absolutely furious! I have been trying for a week to get thru to unemployment, constantly getting a message that there are too many calls coming in to put me on hold so please call back and when I take too long to answer a question I get hung up on and I tried to call back and of course I couldn't get thru! I cried and swore a lot and typed angrily to my friend whom I happened to be IM'ing to at the time. I decided it was the perfect excuse to go back to disability. One of the reasons I was tentative about going back on disability was that I would lose the unemployment because I had already filed the extension. Now that I haven't I will have that available to me when I am able to find work next year when the actors have finally signed their agreement with producers and the industry becomes busy again. Plus disability will also give me what I need to make sure I keep my health insurance! Now I just have to convince my doctor to sign the paperwork. Last Feb he decided he could no longer in good conscious keep me on disability. Things have changed. My headaches have gotten worse and I am having bad emotional side effects from the meds right now. I am hoping that will be enough to convince him. If not I will try another doc, its just that he is the easiest one to see. I am so emotional right now I am sure some tears will come and how can he refuse me if I am crying? I have been crying off and on all day! And playing Rock Band, trying to get out some of the tension, not working. And my head is killing me! Tension headache, I'm sure, my headaches have actually been getting better lately, but all this stress has been really bad for me, I will tell the doc that too, that I am so stressed about money... I will post tomorrow with the results. My plan is to have him sign the papers while I'm there, they have scheduled him to see me for 30 mins so he should have time. I don't want to mail it, I want to take it directly to an office to make sure it gets processed immediately so I can make rent. My parents have sent me more money, that will help pay the rest of the bills, then once disability starts coming in I can breathe a little easier because it pays almost twice what unemployment does. And it would be nice if I was able to get my parents a little something for Christmas. I know they don't mind, but I do. I can't spend a lot though, because I know I am going to end up owing money come tax time. I hardly made any money this year, but I collected so much unemployment and didn't pay any taxes on it. I am going to go to an accountant to see if I can deduct medical expenses and such, but I am not that hopeful. But it will be nice to be able to pay bills on time again. I have heard from a couple different sources that many shows are set to begin in the middle of january so hopefully I won't be on disability very long.
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I was in a severe car accident wher a tractor trailor T boned my car after he ran a red light.  I was unconscience and can't remember the month following the accident.  The left side of my head was cracked and I had a brain contusion or Bleed that was about the size of a half dollar, along with many other injuries.  It has been 1 year and six months since the accident and I am still having a hard time focusing, finding words to explain, I am very unorganized , having some weird vision problems and am depressed allot.  I can't work due to 6 herniated discs in my back and allot of pain in my shoulder , knees, ankles ect.  I have been trying to get SSD in Pennsylvania and have been turned down 2 times. I am hungry, tired and I hurt all the time.  Does anyone know of anything I can do to at least get my head working again.  Most days I just lay around and cry.  I want my life back or at least be able to think and do stuff properly. I have had 3 seizures but am finally off that medicine - I didn't like it. Any suggestions on what I can do to help myself would be appreciated.  Thanks My therapy ran out through insurance and then I ran out of money to pay for insurance.
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