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Cry for Help

Posted Dec 29 2008 4:52pm
Ok. So this week something went wrong - stains! There are stains in EVERYTHING! I'm serious, everything Oceana or I have worn in the past few days has/had a stain on it! She got grease on her new sundress. She had an accident on her two new dancing leotards. I dropped a buttered roll on the tummy of my new tshirt. I soaked my shirt right away with stain spray and it's still got that slightly darker oily stain look.

Then the worst! I pulled a load of wash out and discovered half the load had strange orangish-red stains on it. The worst is a dress I made for Oceana not 2 months ago. I can't figure out what the stain is. At first I thought it might be rust - but where would it have come from? And it's more red (like blood) than orange (like rust). Any ideas what it might be? If you need a picture, I can oblige. It naild one of my (newer) maternity tops and her dress the worst. The rest are okay enough (not as important as the rest).

The problem is that now I've soaked that dress, scrubbed it with the SARD bar (stain remover magic stuff that usually works like a miracle!), and washed it again. Nothing changed. My shirt is slightly lighter, her dress is just as dark as at first.

My other t-shirt (butter roll incident) is soaking again with SARD bar and in laundry detergent. Oceana's sundress is doing the same.

I don't have money to run out and get more stuff. What do I have on hand that I can try? Also, there are no name brands that are the same here (except for you, Jen-in-Aus). So telling me that Zout works wonders will only make me cry.


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