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CoQ10 for memory?

Posted by docw

Is anyone else taking CoEnzyme Q10 to try and enhance their everyday memory? I have a terrible memory for dates and names and I'm looking for ideas!!!
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I use CoQ Matrix not just for helping my memory but especially for heart health. CoQ10 is present in every cell in our body and is needed for the production of energy to perform bio-functions. It helps to support liver, brain and heart functions. Doctors say the largest concentration of CoQ10 is found in the heart muscles. The heart requires the most energy. I hope you are taking a CoQ10 supplement that contains a form of CoQ10 called Ubiquinol – this is the most bio-available form. It is 8 times more bio-available than Ubiquinone which is the form present in most CoQ10 supplements. CoQ Matrix contains Ubiquinol. For memory you may want to include in your diet a nutritional supplement called Memory Matrix. It contains Vitamin B12 and Cognizin® - two very well-researched nutrients that help support memory and cognitive skills. Don’t forget to do a lot of memory puzzles, riddles and crosswords every day! Our mental faculties need to be exercised as much as our physical!
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