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Posted Apr 24 2011 1:15am
     “Do you believe we can accept a good challenge for our mind and body?” It’s possible we can see what we can achieve and it’s our freedom of choice, an unlimited opportunity to make ourselves better. This is where I come in at to tell you, I’ve work with time and I knew time was not waiting for me at all. It was taught to me a long time ago “not to waste today, today never returns back to you.”

     Life is challenged and it became challenged to me as a child growing up from being a black athletic woman and the most challenging thing for me was education to higher education, critical thinking. To be honest, I didn’t want to learn or improve the effectiveness of cooperative learning. I wanted true discipline  like I had before, of a true warriorness. I wanted the attitude to function and understand self and how to live in this society we live in today.

     No one understands me and I don’t expect you to understand me either. Mine gosh! some of us ”women warriors,” and “men warriors” don’t even understand how to “control themselves” and yet they want to control others. Where are we today? Do you even know? While writing this, I am letting you know I am once again on a journey of change and transformation beginning now, April 23,2011. I have the willingness to cooperate with my actions and willing to adjust to differences in order to obtain the warriorness within me. Do you care to join me for change and transformation? We can make a thirty day mental challenge. What do you think? make a difference in our own lives and be in true cooperative learning by knowing ourselves and setting a new standard.

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