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Collapsed ventricles

Posted Jan 14 2011 7:33am
I talked to a facebook friend last night who's son is having systems of having a collapsed ventricle. He is waiting until this morning to have an MRI to confirm the collapse. I'm eager to find out how another neurosurgeon repairs this complication.

Mine was fixed with a shunt assist or an anti-syphen device which regulated the flow of my spinal fluid. It keeps it from dumping spinal fluid when I sit up or stand.

The way our shunt works is it should slow down draining when laying down and will open when we stand or sit up.

When the ventricle collapses the shunt is actually working too well and taking too much fluid from around the brain.

When I had this happen I was positive I was in shunt failure. The pain and nausea was nothing like I had ever experienced.

I learned laying flat helped the pain and spent several months waiting for one last test to confirm the collapsed vents then my Dr had scheduling issues and was super backed up with surgeries.

Since I was not in complete failure and my vents had not slit. I was not in an emergency situation. But I had to be careful to not sit up long and cause undo pressure on my vents.

Since to have surgery would mean going through my local ER trying to explain things to them which is always a challenge with ER doctors. Go through hours of unneeded test to finally be flown to Charlotte. Or to just drive straight through to Charlotte ER.
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