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Cloud Alchemy: A Thinking Heart -Part 2

Posted Aug 06 2009 10:23pm

The news: Reporters Euna Lee and Laura Ling escorted out of North Korea via the intervention of Al Gore and Bill Clinton – and don’t forget —   Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

Also the news: The attention directed at Euna Lee and Laura Ling, by their testimony today, was felt and drawn upon to sustain them.

Could we have a huge round of applause for the love that Lee and Ling claim sustained them in their darkest hour?

Yes. This is the global brain functioning as a thinking heart. This is another beautiful example of what new media (or social media) is designed to do.

Euna Lee and Laura Ling must not yet know the extent of the love, concern, promotion of interest, the outright screaming committed on their behalf through blogs and new media. But it will dawn quickly. Now they return to a life changed irrevocably by their ordeal and by the sheer inner strength they drew upon during their challenging days.

See, we know this love every day

Those of us who participate fully in the creation of the global brain – that is, the millions of willing minds dismissing the mental limits of location and sharing the job of thinking globally – can also participate fully in a celebration of the love we helped to further.

We’d like you to participate too

Those who are still watching from the sidelines, confused by difficult entry points and clinging to past views of online communication (which are now total misconceptions), cannot understand what we are truly celebrating.

A powerful triumph of an athlete, say, winning the gold at the Olympics, indelibly stamps the brain with the value of everything it took to get there. Just as an individual’s brain is galvanized by victory, the global brain now has an even stronger, more motivated “brain area” to draw from. The brain area has these qualities:  Send love. Use the tools. Rally to help others. Participate in the thought power we have in our hands – on our desks – in our smart phones.

The global brain is only as great as the individuals who feed it. Today, that greatness is worth cheering.

Welcome home, Euna and Laura.

Suzanna Stinnett

I call this Cloud Alchemy. Read the manifesto and build a global brain area.

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