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Charming son of heaven mountain

Posted Oct 18 2012 4:24am

He got off the bus, son of heaven mountain is not stingily for I brought a little bit cool mountain breeze, I refreshed.

Get in, and came to son of heaven mountain cableway, take the cable car came to the top of the hill, just the detection, son of heaven blue denim jeans mountain all the year round cloud and mist winding, such as the nature to the son of heaven mountain this pet put on a white luxuriant shirt.

Ride to he long park, found in it a variety of trees. By the roadside flowers like willo w father-in-law pretty girls, in the south to meet my arrival. The park on a vacant lot he long up to the statue of general. Don't know why, he long general was carved to very tall, I guess this is to show our respect and general ho ho the general's great!

Just at the end of he long park, but also to "the first under heaven bridge".

To "the first under heaven bridge", I just feel surprised. The bridge was by a fallen dashan formation, after ten million years of weathering, the bottom of the mountain there was a perfect arc, again in the top of the mountain people on shakedown a layer of the steps, became a natural arch bridge. Who can say this is not nature to give us favor?

Leave "the first under heaven bridge" to "god turtle true". From the rail look down, a ShiGui on a mountain, four feet indent turtle shell, but head up tilt, as if in the god said: "heaven, thank you let me the old bones can receive ten thousand people of attention, thank you!"

Son of heaven mountain road railing hung lock, is this why? Originally it is said that as long as the lock hung on the railing, the key thrown into the valley, can protect peace. If it was love lock, the couple will live to old age in conjugal bliss.. Long, long, railing lock is more and more, so, railing lock has become son of heaven mountain a beautiful scenery.

Son of heaven mountain is really beautiful! Really not the kui is a famous scenic spot of zhangjiajie in hunan.


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