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Changing the way conferences and other learning events are conducted

Posted Dec 13 2010 12:00am

6a00d83451b64669e20147e034931e970b-200wi Maybe it's because I am paying more attention to how certain kinds of functions are designed, but it seems that there is increased discussion recently about how the old way of holding a conference or learning event is not going to suffice in this new century. For example . . .

Excerpt from Do you treat your conference attendees as adults? (Conferences that Work):

What messages do traditional events send to adult attendees?

  • You are children, unable to create meaningful learning experiences for yourself.
  • You don’t really know what you need to know, so we have figured it all out for you.
  • Your job is to pay our fee and sit in one of these rooms at these times.
These messages aren’t appropriate, even if only novices attend your event. (Though in this case, it should be billed as a training, not a conference.) Control-centered leadership is appropriate for emergencies, not conferences. Treating adults as if they were children is demeaning ... .

Excerpt from The need for connection & engagement in education (Presentation Zen):

Please set aside 30 minutes sometime to watch this talk by American physicist Dr. Tae . The professor touches on many things you already know about the shortcomings of modern formal education, but it is provocative enough that I am sure you will find it worthy of your time. There are many points that Dr. Tae makes that deserve a lot more discussion than a 30-minute presentation allows. I agree with much of what Dr. Tae says here, but what I really am in agreement with is his utter incredulity concerning

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