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Can you remove your shunt?

Posted Jul 16 2011 10:19am
In very rare cases does hydrocephalus ever get to the point where it no longer needs a shunt or an ETV to assist in the spinal from being removed from around the brain. You have to understand in 2002 I still did not know I had a condition. I had never heard of the word hydrocephalus.

I was shunted in 1983 nine days after my brain tumor surgery to reduce the pressure that had built up. I was under the in assumption in the 2 years after I was released from the neurosurgeon that the radiation had killed out the remaining tumor (aystrocytomia). I was released from the surgeon.

 My mom ask about the shunt we were told not to worry about it. After 2 years it probably didn't even work. I lived with the assumption that it didn't for nearly 20 years.

So in 2002 I started having complications. I had a neurosurgeon that wanted to take the shunt out. I had to do something because of the state I was in. But what I know now.

I wish my shunt had just been clamped off. Instead they took the whole shunt system out and put me on a manual shunt which looked like a test tube draining my spinal fluid.

It had to stay level with my left ear or it sent spinal fluid rushing back into my head that could cause... Well I guess hemorrhage, stroke...

The thing is it happened twice... I was suppose to have a nurse with me at all times. My parents got into it with X-Ray techs because they had rushed my parents out of the room. They explained how important it was not to lay the test tube thing down. Then it happened! So never leave no matter how hard you are being pushed!

I had the manual shunt for 4 days and they found that I was shunt dependent. I have a friend that recently had an ETV. She is having so many headaches after having her shunt removed.

I don't know a lot about ETV. But I am finding they don't do good after someone has been shunted.

I thing ETVs are for obstructive hydrocephalus. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The thought of being shunt free is a great thought. But it comes with a lot of complications. My complications have been happening since 2002. I now have my shunt. I know I'm suppose to have it. In 2003 I found out I had this condition called hydrocephalus. That's a story for another time.
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