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Can You Really Blame Parkinson’s?

Posted May 05 2011 10:37pm
Posted on May 5th, 2011 by Sherri in

I’ve heard it told that Parkinson’s disease

can be blamed for much and many a thing.

Things you can’t control, irritability and pain,

broken marriages, fears without names.


Can it be blamed for the loneliness you feel,

when you’re standing deep within a crowd?

Or for tears that sometimes and often won’t stop,

when you feel like screaming out loud?


You know it’s not dementia but just confusion you feel -

about that we think there is no doubt,

for you you feel you’re being tossed about within

and then turned from the  inside out.


It seems all you do is done the wrong way,

the masked look on your face misunderstood;

things you can’t say, things you can’t do -

you’d say and do them if only you could.


Can you blame Parkinson’s for all that garbage and pain,

for I’d like to believe that’s a choice -

blame it all on a disease that steals and destroys,

leaves you powerless and without much of a voice.


But alas, I know not why,

a chosen few are chosen to endure for a cure

and it is only by sticking together we’ll make it  -

of that, I am certainly sure.


They say that misery loves company

and that there’s power in numbers you see,

so I’ll be powerful with my Parkies, friends, and family -

as we endure to the end, them and me .


Journeying with you,

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