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Can you please help me find information about "gamma knife radiaion side effects" in the brain area. More so, the basal ganglia

Posted by baldeagle277

I had gamma knife radiation in May, 2007.  For a 5cm x 3cm Avm in my left frontal lobe & in the basal ganglia.  Last June I started to develope multiple symptoms and I have progessively been getting worst ever since.  I am now disabled with uncontrollable involuntary muscel movements, dystonia, non-epileptic seizures, and my short term memory will often fail me.  I often get severe to migrain headaches.  Also, I suffer with vertigo a few times a month that last 2 to 5 days at a time.  Bed rest is the only thing that helps me.  No meds have been able to help me with my symptoms.  I have tried over 14 of them.  many of them put me into a gran mal seizure.  the only med I have been able to take is dilaudid, for the chronic pain I live with from my condition......Thank You.
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