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can brain aneurysms be reversed by alternate treatments?

Posted by cecilia

My mother is 76 years old.The aneurysm is giving her strong headaches and dizziness. The aneurysm is 4mm. in size. She has been told that she needs a brain operation or she will die.  She is a diabetic. Recently her retarded daughter was taken to the hospital for emergency removal of gall stones. Then my mom's sugar shot up to about 280. She was given an insulin shot to lower her sugar. The headache and dizzines continued so she was given a CAT Scan through which they found the aneurysm. She lives in Florida but we want to bring her to New York for the operation. Here we can help with her care and that of my sister and father.  Is it safe for her to fly? I have heard it is not.  Would it be better for her to take the 20 hour trip by car? What hospital has a good reputation in operating brain aneurysms? What alternate treatments are helpful in improving her health so that she may have a better outcome in her operation?
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