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Can a stutterer become vice-president?

Posted Aug 29 2008 12:00am
A clear no! No-one with a noticeable stutter resulting in impaired communication can become vice-president or president. Can someone who stuttered as a child and is now fluent for all practical purposes? Yes! The mantra of the stuttering community is: Stutterers can do any job including being a politician or actor. And they parade in front of us Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, or now Joe Biden. But have you ever heard them stutter severely in public? No, they are speaking fluently, and at best hesitantly. They are no stutterers in the eye of the public. At best, they have worked hard to minimize their stuttering so that it sounds like normal speech and does not impair communication, and at worst, they just happen to recover and attribute an event close to recovery for their recovery. But how many of us have worked hard but still stutter noticeably and have to endure the well-meaning but annoying sermons of the recovered?
Yes, stutterers can get into high power offices, but either by connections, an inherited power base or ability for background networking and dealing. And those offices are the hidden ones rather than in public view. It is a despite and not a because of.
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