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Can a chiropractic adjustment cause dizziness?

Posted by bellablue

I started having dizzy spells last August.  After several doctors and tests they could find nothing wrong with me.  The dizziness went away a few months later on its own.  Last week I went to the chiropractor where they adjusted my neck and back.  A few hours later I had a dizzy spell.  Since then, everyday I've had a spell.  Could this be a coincidence or could the chiropractor have caused it?  
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Yes, the Chiropractic adjustments to your neck could have caused the vertigo.

I just went to the chiropractor yesterday and in the middle of a neck adjustment, I got the worst vertigo i have ever had - I had to lay down for 30 minutes before I could even think about getting up.

I would research the possibility of cervical vertigo with your physician

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