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Calcified Granuloma in the high perital region of Brain

Posted by Imrankhan

I'm 25 and 6 months back i had a problem of burning sensation in the my head for several weeks and i've consulted a  Neurologist who suggested me for a CT scan which results as "Well defined Calcified Granuloma in the high perital region of brian"....What could be the reason??Will it increase in size in the course of time and what are all the effects of this???? I had an attack of fits when i was 13 years old and i'm now 25 and did'nt had the attack here after from the first attack.....Please suggest me

Right now i'm on Homeopathy medication and i have no such burning sensation after i took this.....and i'm still continuing.............I'll be anxioulsy waiting for your response...........





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What is Calcified Granuloma?what are the causes?

Hi Imran,


What kind of Homeopathic medicine you took. Please let me know cause I have the similar story. Even I was 13 when I had a seizure

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