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calcified granuloma in brain i stopped the Medicines, Any Chance to Attack?

Posted by udaiadu


      near 7yrs back attacks in sleeping in the age of 19yrs, after than i do not know what is that?

      then doctor gives the suggestion to brain scan.

       In that i have the CALCIFIED GRANULOMA in left partical  loop in brain.


      Doctor strated the treament for this.But this treament 3yrs period contiouns

    daily taking medicines EPITON Tablets. In this period attacked once again

    like elispy(that is called fits), Then  Dr., increses the deos the tables.

   after then did not attack upto with in 3yrs period of the treatment.

    Now i am using tables upto now, i have afarid for this i am using Tablets upto

   now Discrease the deos of the medicine.


            My question any Problem in Feature When I Stopped the Medicine,

          Any Chance to Attack?


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Brother, Check the size of lesion if I had reduced ....I mean do a MRI or CT scan.


if you stop this. it can attack again

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