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Buy All Exercise Equipment ( Including Golf Clubs and Tennis Racquets) USED!

Posted Nov 03 2010 8:54am
My daughter did it.  I have done it.  My daughter, friend, Kim, did it. And, yes, even my sister did it!  What did they do>?

Why they all bought new treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines.  And, within-oh I would say, a month or on the outside two months, these VERY expensive machines had become ( in no particular order) coat racks, sweater holders, and in one case a very high priced shoe rack.

Other than a variety of  weight loss diet pills exercise equipment is purchased on impulse and then abandoned because we have just lose the urge to batter our bods!  This usually occurs sometime in the middle of January.  If we are really determined we get to mid February.  No further.

That is why, for all of you out there who know you want to buff your bod next year,start looking for all that exercise equipment at used online stores now- you will be so glad you did.
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