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Brain Tumor Removal Left Paralysis & Speech Impairment

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:28pm

Sat. 11:00 A.M.

Visit: Jack (my husband)

Notes taken by my daughter, Eleanor

“Mama's condition unchanged. No speech.”

I had no rude awakening about the fact that I couldn't speak or that my mind was incapable of digesting words except ones that had been spoken very, very slowly. The realization of it all seemed so gradual.

Dr. Harvey Atwill and at another time S. Miller, came to visit me in ICU. I truly appreciated their coming, especially with them not knowing in what condition they would find me. I knew them, and recognized them immediately, but I could not think of their names. I smiled. They talked. But the words they were saying had no meaning to me. Both were speaking normally, but their speech was too fast for my swollen brain to be able to process the words fast enough to get their meaning. It, to me, was a lot of sounds. Sounds that I couldn't comprehend. I was moved Sunday from ICU to Intermediate Care. I still was so very, very tired and weak, but my thinking had broadened a little, from just realizing that I had already had the operation to wanting and trying to remember names of people and of things.

Sun. 11-1:30

Visit: Jack (my husband), Sally(daughter who is a nurse), & Eleanor(who is a speech therapist)

From my daughter, Eleanor's, notes:

“Tumor benign! Right arm continues to be paralyzed. Can stick out tongue, lick lips. Can say mmmmm and mamamama. Difficulty with tongue elevation. Mother is still very frustrated with her speech. Sensitivity on right side of lips now (jello). Tremor in right arm. Sally thought she felt some resistance. Worked on matching word-to-picture. Daddy is bringing glasses and gowns.”

My feelings about all this: Eleanor, honey, please let me be.

I don't feel good enough to be trying to say mmmmm and mamamama and matching word-to-pictures. My mind won't think and my brain gets so tired........ so quickly!

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