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Brain training (cognitive behavioural therapy) seen as most cost-effective treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome

Posted Aug 07 2012 9:55am

Pacing ‘not cost-effective’ for CFS (NHS Choices):

“Brain training is most cost-effective treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome,” BBC News reports, while pacing therapies (learning to live within limits) “offer little value”.

“This news is based on research that aimed to determine how cost-effective four treatment options were for people with CFS. These were:

  • specialist medical care for CFS
  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – a type of talking therapy
  • graded exercise therapy – a structured exercise programme that aims gradually to increase how long a person can exercise for
  • adaptive pacing therapy (often just referred to as ‘pacing’) – pacing is where a person with CFS is encouraged to schedule in periods of rest in their day-to-day activities”

“To determine the cost-effectiveness, three main factors were taken into account:

  • improvement in quality of life
  • the cost of providing the treatment
  • the potential savings to society

Based on the statistical models used by the researchers, CBT and graded exercise therapy were found to be most cost-effective, while specialist medical care and pacing were the least cost-effective.”

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