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brain mri side effects

Posted by blondeheadache

on sunday I had a full brain MRI was in machine about 1hr 30min did ok felt presure a few time and weird vibrations. I got the dye injected about 20mins before done felt fine all well. When it was done I got out changed and felt nauses and dizzy. thought maybe cuz I had eaten only a cheese stick and a cup of blueberrys and a bottle of water and it was now 3:30 when I got done that I just needed too eat. Got home at 4:00 still dizzy ate a nice meal with family at 5:00.  was feeling better but then got really fatiged at 6:00 so lyed down to take a 20 min cat nap. I woke up to the worst head ache ever and I do get migraines alot but this was different from the others. This was a sharp intense paine in the back lower part of my left side of head from ear to neck. I also still felt out of it could not get up sleptfor a bit off and on till 6am. felt like crap head still does 3days later still dizzy and tired off and on. Some times the pain in head is so bad I cant move. I have a hi pain tollerence but I give this a 8 on scale of 10. Is this a side effect of the MRI or the dye and if so what should I do or can I do cuz this sucks. I did call family Doc, I go in the morning the pain is so awful, yes I took meds and it milds it for a bit but its stiil there. Help please is this normal and why dont they tell you theres side effects like this?
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I highly doubt that the symptoms you are experiancing are due to the MRI. While some people (myself included) are allergic to the contrast dye, the worst it can do to you is make you have a bad rash be a bit nauseious or have something akin to an asthma attack.

The MRI itself is basicly the same as sticking a really big magnet against your head, unless you have some kind of plate or metal implant theres really no harm that can come to you.


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