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Brain Injury Press

Posted Mar 29 2009 3:50pm
Photo from

I know doesn't have the best cited information - but I stop by for some small information and headlines sometimes when I'm not feeling my best. I like to continue to read, even when I don't think I can comprehend much... and this is the kind of small reading I tend to go to!


The news of Natasha Richardson's death is absolutely horrifying. However, I feel this couldn't be a better time for the increased awareness of brain injuries and just how severe they actually can be.

Since the day of my accident, I have felt that somehow I've been affected at a moment where NOBODY knows much about mTBI. And as much as this fact has stunk up any easy recovery... as the months go by more and more situations arise which start making mTBI a HUGE deal on this planet. This is just one example of the awareness that I feel I might be in the middle of when I'm finally well enough to make a stand and become an educator and advocate about the horrifying ordeal that concussions can lead to.

A few days following Natasha's skiing incident/death - I am not sure the exact date, but had thought to blog about it! - I had noticed in the bottom right of my browser on "Today's Top Searches" that "Brain Injury" was number 6!!!

Now, I didn't ever think I was going to die. I was in excruciating pain for a good 8-14 months, but I never felt my life was at risk. I had significant pain which I thought I was dying or going to have a seizure or pass out and hit my head again and bleed to death (dramatic I know...). I hadn't had a CT of my brain at the time my head was hit, but my CT of my neck was less than impressive and my MRI of my cervical spine a month later wasn't showing anything significant either. In February, I finally had an MRI of my brain and everything seemed clear. I was thrilled to see I had a brain!! wooooo!!!

I hope this link works. This is a pretty inspiring video of a little girl who was hit in the head by a baseball and was 'talking and she was fine' and had 'a bump on her head, but no symptoms whatsoever' until she started to have a migraine a few days later... she had a similar acute epidermal hematoma (significant bruising/blood clot) to what killed Natasha.

It makes me wonder if I might have had a similar hematoma that disturbed some of the blood flow to the neurons I've had to rebuild over the last year plus. I'm just thrilled this girl was so strong and can't imagine what pain she might still be experiencing - but bless her having the strength to forward the brain injury awareness to the world.

My mother also told me that she heard Obama recently mention in one of his speeches that he was awarding troops or veterans increased funds towards treatment of brain injuries - anyone hear this too?

I know I'm not the best at citing references, etc... but I'm working on it.
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