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Brain Foods: Healthy Snacks

Posted Oct 23 2008 9:02pm

This is the 7th and final step in Dr. Amen's book for promoting a healthy brain through food. For more complete information, get his book, Making a Good Brain Great.

7. Plan Snacks

I love to snack; just like to munch on things to get through the day. When snacking it is helpful to balance carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Since I travel frequently, I have learned to take my snacks with me, so I am not tempted to pick up candy bars along the way.

One of my favorite low calorie snacks are dried fruits and vegetables. Not the kind of dried fruits and vegetables stocked in typical supermarkets that are filled with preservatives, but the kind that just have the dried fruit and veggies. A company called Just Tomatoes, from Walnut, California ( ) makes great products. When you have dried fruit or veggies -- all carbohydrates -- add some low-fat string cheese or a few nuts to balance it out with protein and a little fat.

Patsi"s note: I love snacks too, but Dr. Amen just hit upon a key to healthy eating. Just about everything that comes out of a factory, i.e. supermarket packages, has unhealthy and artificial ingredients. This is such a bore. The whole point of snacking is to instantly gratify yourself! Yet it is true: be wary of what you are putting in your mouth. If it is in a package, it may not be healthy. If it is fresh, it probably is.

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