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Brain Food

Posted Dec 16 2013 10:20am

I was researching food that is good for your brain for some reason (most likely PD related) at some time and tonight found my notes (and I wasn't even looking for them!)

So, here's what I found (and this may be old hat for you wise ones out there):

  • Cranberries are antioxidants and promote healthy cognitive functioning.
  • Oats are good brain energy and are rich in selenium which is an antioxidant. They help to improve learning.
  • Almonds are a good source of Vit E, which has been known to slow the progression of Alheimers.
  • Asparagus is rich in Vit A, promoting adullt brain plasticity (helps to keep brain learning and growing as you age.)
  • Walnuts (1/4 cup) and berries contain nearly all of your needed daily dose of Omega3. The polyphenols in berries slow down age-related mental decline.
  • The folic acid contained in peas and other legumes have shown to improve verbal and memory performance and may delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Choline, which is found in eggs, has been linked to long-term memory development.
  • Garlic and onions not only keep Dracula at bay, but can protect against stroke and may improve impaired memory.
  • Shrimp contains Vit B12, which is good for cognitive health.
  • Spinach is antioxidant rich.
  • Chicken contains choline (go figure – so do their babies) and B vitamins.
  • Vit B6 and Vit C promote brain health and bananas ooze these vitamins. Adding chocolate adds an extra boost (I would think this would be true of any food item).
  • Dark chocolate contains flavonols , not only a brain healthy food that promotes memory upkeep, but it's been shown to be good for the heart. Of course, it would depend how much you ate at one sitting…

So, nibble your berries and drink your water,

crunch your nuts and swallow your oats,

get in the legumes, swallow the eggs

eat up your garlic and onions –

don't just take them out of the bags.

Make sure you eat your spinach

so you grow big and grow strong

add some chicken and some fish in your diet too,

And top it off with good ol' dark chocolate,

for only the darkest of the darkest will do.


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