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Brain Fiction: What if you could be in another person's brain?

Posted Sep 13 2008 12:47am
After I finished and posted my article on personal growth as a responsibility, I went off for the weekend and a little light reading.

Well - what a surprise! - the book I chose, Factoring Humanity, by Robert Sawyer brought alive exactly some of the concepts I was trying to express!

I don't want to give away anything since the book is kind of a science fiction/mystery, but I will share that the main character is a psychologist and all the themes I wrote about in my previous article are incorporated.

In fact, I would call this book less of a science fiction read than a novel that plays with the concepts of "false memory", other dimensions, and the collective information pool that Laszlo calls the A-field connecting all of us.

So if you're interested in the ideas I wrote about in my article, but would like them presented more creatively , try out this book. It has an interesting story line while creatively incorporating some intriguing science. Or browse some of the reader reviews there for more about the plot. (My husband has me trained not to tell anything that might "spoil it" for the next person! )
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