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Brain Calcification?

Posted by naveen

One night i found that my brother who is 35 was sleeping and his body becomes shivering and tight and his mouth was open. he was absolute unconscious for 30 minutes. we approached to neurologist and get CT of his brain. Now the report says he has calcification on fontal lobe. He was taken medicines for 3 years regularly but after stopping the medicines he was again attacked as earlier. I would like to know that is it serious for his life and would it be a case of brain tumor. will that calcification may dissolve by medicine or we opt for surgery. please i need guidance.
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This is a difficult question. There are several reasons why the calcification is there. Often calcification occurs in a tumor called a meningioma, which arises from the covering of the brain (the dura). But there are certainly other reasons why calcification can be there. Most likely the calcification will not dissolve with medication. Surgery will be required if it is a source of seizures that cannot be controlled with antiepileptic medications. I hope this helps -- and good luck.
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