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Brace Fitting

Posted Nov 06 2009 10:00pm
The guy came back with my brace today. He did nothing to try to fix it but he brought a heat gun with him to try to fix it hear. It now feels a little better, but there is still a little pressure on my arch so it still needs to be grinded down. I am sad because I really wanted it to be fixed today. I can try to wear it for a little at a time to do my laundry and taking out the trash but I should be careful to not make my blister worse.

I cannot stop being depressed. Nothing seems to go my way and I am just sad and wanting to cry all the time. I am jealous of all my friends and their lives and that makes me sad and guilty. What has become of me? I just want this year to be over. I remember when I knew I was going to have surgery and I just wanted the surgery to be over so I could start the healing, well the healing is not going so well. I just want to start all over. I wish I could just start all over, everything, from the beginning, or at least half way through. I would do so many things differently. First of all, I would have enjoyed life more and not spent so much time being miserable when I really had no reason to, because now I have a reason to and I missed out on so much happiness when I could have really enjoyed life! Depression sucks!
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