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Posted Jun 19 2010 12:33pm

Last night I met a man who graciously let me have a piece of pizza when I was super sick from overstimulation.  Correction... three pieces of pizza.  Somehow it came up that I get sick since getting hit in the head, etc etc.  To make a long story, he eventually confessed in the last year he had a brain tumor removed and was dealing with many of the same things.

It made me think of a book I skimmed through a while back (first on the list). Many surgery, stroke, and other brain related events that are written about all kinda have the same theme. The thing that stinks when getting help after any of those events is that medicine is often so compartmentalized.  There's very little overlap... and even communication between... two different causes/diagnoses.

Anyway. Here are a couple books I've glanced through that involve tbi's, diagnosed and related.

1. I Had Brain Surgery, What's Your Excuse?  By Suzy Becker

2. Head Cases, By Michael Paul Mason

  -especially related to the chapter on Melissa Felteau

3. Fixing My Gaze, By Susan Barry

  -about vision related issues and vision therapy, she had a non tbi related issue... but many athletes use vision therapy too.  One of the most incredible thing I have noticed is how bad my vision was and how clear it gets after neurofeedback. And no, we have no idea why NF helps!
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