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Bird Bombings and Other Surprises

Posted Feb 04 2013 11:00pm

Ken took me for a drive. It was unexpected. He knew I had been wanting to take pictures of the fall colors that are dotted all across Southern Oregon’s canvas, so we headed off to Klamath Falls, about an hour and a half east of here.

Our first sighting of wildlife were four dieting turkeys (birds) crossing the road ahead of us. That was the only wildlife we saw, come to think of it. No wait, there was a doe crossing the road all alone further on. Oh – and a dog who was pretty wild as he tried to catch the intermittent cars going by at 45 mph. Brave dog. Ignorant owners. I kept waiting to see a bear but, I will have to wait another year.

As we drove along, we passed a humorous display that caused both Ken and I to take a double-take and turn the car back around for a Kodak moment. (I wonder how many people will remember that phrase?)

We came into town and had lunch and what could be situated right across the street but a Goodwill. It was good to get out and walk around but we didn’t find anything we had to have.

We ventured on as we headed home a different route and passed several waterways where several different birds were inhabiting and enjoying the warm day. American Coots, White Egrets, Seagulls, and long-necked grebes dotted the shallow lakes spread intermittently across the small valley.

Ken took a turn into a view point so that I could get some pictures. This is where I learned a great lesson.

Several years ago I took my kids and some of their friends to the beach, stopping at the local sandwich shop on the way for lunch. We got to the beach and settled in, the kids eating a portion of their lunch and leaving the rest until later. That’s when the battle began between myself and 27 seagulls. You see, the kids didn’t wrap up their sandwiches well, along with their friends and those rats with wings decided it was lunch time. While I would chase two away from one lunch, three more dived behind me to snatch another. Before it was over, I had three half sandwiches salvaged and an audience of well-fed seagulls.

Well, I believe word got around amongst the seagull community that I tried starving those birds and I think a couple bird cousins were in Klamath Falls yesterday. Ken and I pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car for what seemed like no more than five minutes. We had seen the seagulls – all two of them – and I even got a pretty good picture of one of them looking at me, a perfect reflection of him in the water. And then he took off.

Ken walked back to the car about five minutes later. A few minutes more and I started to walk to the car when he pulled out of the parking space and met me halfway. He motioned for me to look at the window. Four of the biggest bird turds I had ever seen were plastered all over the windshield, a gift from ‘above’. Then I went to open the door, the window rolled down as I had left it that way and there was another winning-size bird bomb on the passenger door window frame. If that weren’t enough, I opened my door to find it all over the seat. We will never know how that big turd got on the car seat like it was. Did the seagull have supernatural aiming abilities or did it swoop down and dive through the car, leaving its signature on my seat? One thing is certain. One thing I learned. No — three things.

Don’t ever trust a sassy seagull or his cousin.
Don’t take chances when it comes to flying rats.
Roll up your windows. You never know who’s lurking above or when the past will catch up with you.



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