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Big Turkey Day Trivia

Posted Nov 15 2010 10:42am
We all know that Franklin Roosevelt helped the United States move out of the Great Depression.  But, did you know he also tried to change the date for Thanksgiving Day- and that he then actually did it- and then the whole country split in two-  that  there was a big uproar!?

A Civil War over Turkey Day was only averted by the good nature of the season - except for the calendar makers who could not make up their financial loss and used their anger by coming together as a yearly event from then on. 
The following year, FDR thought it would be best to just set a concrete day for Thanksgiving every year and that's how we got into this 4th Thursday of each November deal.  Anyway, I read all about this episode in a book titled, "The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told'" by Rick Beyer. 

It made me sad.  Just think of how all the turkeys must have felt.  They had gotten ready for their day of doom only to have to wait a few more days for their murder!  Now, it is easy for them.  They know it all comes to an end on that 4th Thursday so no big deal.  We all gotta go sometime!  Gobble, Gobble, Gob----
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